Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hosting Opportunities Still Available

We still have vacancies for hosting on the following dates. Dates where there are two days are rest days. Please let us know if you, family, or friends can host us overnight (or during the day on night ride days) in the following locations.

7/29/2010 Middlegate, NV
7/30/2010 Middlegate, NV
7/31/2010 Austin, NV
8/1/2010 Eureka, NV
8/2/2010 Ely, NV
8/3/2010 Baker, NV
8/4/2010 Baker, NV
8/5/2010 Milford, UT
8/6/2010 Panguitch Lake, UT
8/7/2010 Panguitch Lake, UT
8/8/2010 Escalante, UT
8/9/2010 Caineville, UT
8/10/2010 Hite Recreation Area, UT
8/11/2010 Blanding, UT
8/12/2010 Blanding, UT
8/14/2010 Telluride, CO
8/15/2010 Ridgeway, CO
8/16/2010 Cimarron, CO
8/17/2010 Cimarron, CO
8/18/2010 Doyleville, CO
8/19/2010 Poncha Springs, CO
8/20/2010 Howard, CO
8/21/2010 Westcliffe, CO
9/7/2010 Clay, KY
9/8/2010 Rough River Dam, KY
9/9/2010 Bardstown, KY
9/10/2010 Bardstown, KY
9/11/2010 ??, KY Five miles from Lancaster, KY perhaps we'll go from Burgin to Berea that way instead of in the middle of nowhere.
9/12/2010 Buckhorn, KY
9/13/2010 Virgi, KY
9/14/2010 Rosedale, VA
9/15/2010 Rural Retreat, VA
9/16/2010 Rural Retreat, VA
9/18/2010 Vesuvius, VA
9/19/2010 Stanley, VA
9/20/2010 Middleburg, VA

Yaney for Bike4Peace 2010, you may call my cell phone at 541-829-9788. I'll be available to answer it up until July 21. You may also email me at sweetheartofthevalley@ Many thanks.

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