Tuesday, February 23, 2010

B4P 2010

We're bicycling from San Francisco to Washington, DC between 24-July and 22-Sept, 2010, without motorized support. Cynthia McKinney, six term Member of Congress and 2008 Green Party nominee for President, is riding. The ride will demonstrate the bicycle as a transformational tool to solve the problems of Climate Change, Oil Wars, the Health Crisis, and the Economic Crunch. Along the way, riders will facilitate community discussions around the question "How can we support each other to live true to our best values?"

We expect to be joined by bicyclists from across North America as we converge upon Washington, DC, for World Car-Free Day, 22-Sept. Those who don't have time to cycle the whole way may put their bikes onto mass transit and join us where they can. We'll meet at the US Capitol Building at 10 am and ride together.

Our route, schedule, and discussion group are open to anybody with a free Google account. Please join us. If you would like to bicycle all or part of the route, plan a convergence ride, or host riders passing through your community, please e-mail bike4peace@googlegroups.com. Please forward this and re-post to others who might be interested.

_`\;,_ plan to ride from home
22 SEPT - World Car-Free Day